Double Exposure Gold

Double Exposure Gold

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This new variant of blackjack designed for online casinos is the work of Microgaming. If you’re fans of the most famous card game, you certainly should not miss Double Exposure Gold. We tried it out and can safely say that we were absolutely thrilled. It feels like playing from a real casino in Las Vegas. Improved piano music and sound effects, authentic design, and especially the fast flow of the game mean that this is a real alternative to live entertainment at the green table.

Double Exposure Gold pushes classical blackjack forward

Already the name calls attention to its main difference from classical Blackjack. In particular, you don’t only see the first pair of the dealer’s cards, as in the original. Both the player and the dealer show their cards right from the start of the game, and so you can immediately see who holds what. That being said, if you’re thinking about counting cards here, you'll have better luck in brick-and-mortar casinos. Double Exposure Gold is played with eight 52-card virtual packs, which are shuffled after each round of play. If you haven't played this popular card game for a long time, you should refresh your skill and all the information you might have forgotten by reading the blackjack rules. On that note, it might be worth recapping the goal in blackjack. It’s not about getting a sum of exactly 21... all you need to do is beat the croupier. Virtual packs are dealt from a so-called Shoe. Cards valued 2-10 have the same value as their number. Cards J, Q and K have a value of 10, and the ace (A) has an optional value of 1 or 10. So, which functions does the renovated game offer?

Let Double Exposure Gold immerse you in the game

The game starts by you placing your bet using a selection of chips. After fixing a bet, press DEAL. You’ll be given two cards. If you think that their value is close enough to 21, click on STAND. If you instead want another card, press HIT. Don’t forget that you always see the dealer’s cards and are always a step ahead. Even before deciding whether to HIT or STAND, you can also decide to double your bet by pressing DOUBLE. But this is only possible if the sum of the initial two cards on your hand is 9, 10, or 11. The croupier who plays against you will keep drawing cards until the value of his/her cards exceeds 17 – at that point he/she will STAND. Interestingly, Double Exposure Gold does not include the insurance function (which protects against the croupier’s black jack). However, it seems that its absence paradoxically improved the flow and attractiveness of the game. One notable factor contributing to this is the SPLIT function. You can use that if you have two identical cards on your hand. You can split not only cards with a value of 10, but also lower-valued cards – up to 4 times in a single game.

Some neat differences between Double Exposure Gold and the original

There are other changes which also improve the flow of the game compared to the original. Rules are summarized on a black table with rules on the top right of the playing table. One factor contributing to its exceptionality is the aforementioned visibility of the opponent’s cards right from the beginning of the game, a missing PUSH button (for returning your deposits; the dealer wins during all ties with the exception of a Blackjack), and the possibility of doing up to 4 splits (even with cards that have a different value than 10) simultaneously within the scope of a single round – i.e., “4 HANDS”. You can only get a blackjack with your first two cards, except for splits. A combination of ace + 10 after a split will net you the second best position in the game, right after a blackjack. Having an ace enables the re-split function, but in that case you can only draw one more card.

Recommended settings of Double Exposure Gold

If you haven't tried Double Exposure Gold yet, there’s no reason to hold back. You might be missing the best version of the most popular card game in the world. In order to experience the interesting and captivating story in the game, we recommend leaving all 5 sound functions on and select Auto-Rebet and Quick deal – all available in the OPTIONS screen at the bottom of the screen.

Double Exposure Gold is also available for free

Perhaps the most important thing for blackjack players and fans is to feel comfortable and pleasant during the game. On that note, you can enjoy Double Exposure Gold for free, also with no disrupting elements, slow-downs, or interruptions. Try it out and you’ll certainly agree that this improved Blackjack with a dominant name will draw you into the game and provide you with much-needed relaxation and entertainment.

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