Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Red Tiger gained the attention of players mainly with their online slot machines, which excel with imaginative bonuses. However, its portfolio also includes several card games and we decided to look at one of them called Classic Blackjack.

Blackjack is generally a simple game, but a lot can be ruined when making an online version of it. Fortunately, at Red Tiger they were careful and so, although it is certainly not the most refined blackjack game on the market, frustration from it is not a risk.

The visuals do not offend

It can be seen that its design was based on a well-established template. The graphics are nice, although they don't really matter in blackjack. But we do like to watch the game. The authors have taken their time with the details and it's visible in the game. The sounds are also pleasant, although we have been subjectively bothered by the strange changing of music and turmoil in the playroom.

More than visuals, other things are important in blackjack, one of which is the layout of the playing elements. We can see that followed the example of the best and did the right thing. You can find all the playing elements of the game where you’d expect them. The chips are down, above them the betting boxes, and at the top the dealer's cards and the deck.

Standard blackjack rules

In a game called Classic Blackjack, you probably can't expect any novelties. 8 decks with 52 cards are available. Cards are shuffled after each game. There is room for three players at the table, so you can place up to 3 bets against the dealer with a value from €1 up to €1,000. The goal is, as always, to defeat the dealer - but the standard rules of blackjack don’t need to be explained here.

You can also use basic features such as Insurance if the dealer has an ace as their first card. Or play a doubling bet in case you trust yourself. If you receive the first two cards with a value of 10, you can use the Split to play for multiple players. However, you may use this feature only once per round and your bet on the other hand is then the same value as the first one.

Classic Blackjack is also accessible to beginners

We appreciate that Red Tiger targets this game even at the beginning players. It is easy to see right away thanks to several helpers that you can turn on during the game. One of these is the Basic Strategy table. Thanks to it, you can respond to the situation on the table at any time. Of course, it is not a 100% correct helper, but it can help you make the right decision.

However, we found the “The Handbook advises” function to be even better. If you turn it on, it will tell you what you should do at each point. You can quickly choose the right option. It gives you a basis for decisions from the above table with the basic strategy. So you always know how to act based on the statistics. Of course, you can ignore its suggestions with a clear conscience.

Classic Blackjack finally convinced us that we should give it a chance. Especially for players that don't have much experience with blackjack, this could be a gateway to the world of this wonderful card game.

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