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Blackjack Mania

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It always makes us happy when a new card game from the classics appears on the market. And it hasn't been different in the case of Blackjack Mania. It was created by the “bright minds” of the authors from EASIT and they’ve prepared another original addition to the family of blackjack games. It is a traditional card game type and also one of the smoothest and most interesting versions of blackjack that we’ve played. Try it out yourselves and be amazed.

The catchy Blackjack Mania with simple rules

The online Blackjack Mania card game is played with six 52-card packs. After every played round, they are shuffled. The deposit per bet is selected via chips, color-coded based on their value. After pressing the Deal button, you will get 2 cards. Then you select the STAND button or to get another card the HIT button. Everything depends on what your current card value total is and whether it is good enough for you or not.

Specialties in the Blackjack Mania online game

Not even Blackjack Mania is missing specialties that we know from other traditional card games. The Double button may be used if the total of your first two cards is 9, 10 or 11. After activating it you wait for the highest and third in row card and the last card of the played round.

The Split function may be used if your first two cards are identical. If you pressed Split, you will then play two parallel games with one card per hand. That practically leads to the doubling of the initial deposit. Then you select Stand or Hit with only one exception. That’s the Split of an Ace. In such a case you will only get one additional card to the ace and that one decides. In Blackjack Mania, there are no Re-Split options or multiple splits. It would appear that it’s a shame but paradoxically its absence is keeping the desired smoothness and speed of the game.

The Insurance option in Blackjack Mania has the highest payout rate at 2:1. You can take advantage of the insurance against a rival’s blackjack if the dealer's first card is an ace. After selecting the agree with insurance you are putting half of your bet into the game. If the dealer then gets a “blackjack” you get back your insurance and twice its value as pure winnings.

What else helped this version of blackjack against the others? It is also the option of changing the minimum and maximum deposits per bet. Its interval has also greatly increased. Both small and big players will be pleased. It does have one little flaw to its beauty. A missing high-value chip and the lack of a maxbet button slow down the game in case of a higher bet with the “never-ending” clicking to the desired sum. Then you repeat the entire sum of the bet.

Exclusive Blackjack Mania in an online casino

This game is really smooth. It has simple and intuitive controls without any unnecessary and complex rules. The music is good enough and the graphic design of the entire game allows the concentration and experience to thrive during a favorite card game. We believe that you will like to try out this excellent version of blackjack.

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