Why play blackjack only in a casino with a license

Why play blackjack only in a casino with a license

Finding your favorite online casino has undoubtedly many benefits. But the search tends to be a difficult process. Players often get burned during it at casinos that promise the world but in the end, the player’s satisfaction is the last thing on their minds. It’s probably impossible to completely avoid unpleasant experiences. But if you’ll follow common sense and entrust your money only to licensed entities, the risk of hassle is very low.

Which is why you should aim at licensed online casinos. The license itself is proof that the casino is under supervision and must follow the valid rules and regulations. For players, this, in particular, is a symbol of respectability and reliability. But of course there are licenses and then there are licenses. If you look at foreign casinos, most of them have licenses from Malta, Gibraltar and sometimes also from the Caribbean region.

Currently and in particular on the European market, we are witnessing that the gambling market is starting to be more regulated. The individual states are trying to limit the free operation of casinos on their territory and they themselves have started issuing licenses to reliable casinos which fulfill their requirements. The benefits of playing in a licensed casino are many, and we’ve selected the following as the most important.

The Casino’s native language

It’s true that even a non-licensed casino may have a translation to the English language but these translations are often of very low-quality. Licensed casinos always have their pages fully managed in the local language. Even less language competent players needn’t fear that they might run into a misunderstanding due to not understanding the texts or rules.

Fairness in the setup of the casino games

Fairness is a very strong argument for playing in online casinos with a license. These casinos are regularly audited. They must even prove that blackjack and other casino games are set up in such a way that no artificial deviation of the game system to the benefit of the casino may occur. Even though players often curse a bit after losing when the dealer turns his/her card and wins because you only have a total of 20. In a licensed casino, this is always based purely on probability and luck.

Safety during financial operations

The game safety at a casino is another extremely important thing. Financial operations connected with providing your bank details are delicate in any field not excluding online gambling. Casinos with a license, however, must have multiple encryption systems which ensure that no unauthorized people may get to your money or personal data. Safety inspections at licensed casinos are carried out by the competent authorities multiple times a year.

The certainty of a payout

The speed and willingness to pay out your winnings is a subject with legends being told about it. Probably every “bigger” player has encountered difficulties with paying out winnings. Unfortunately, it often happens that casinos with a questionable license won’t pay out larger winnings and the player has practically no way to defend himself/herself. Either there’s no way of defending oneself or it is necessary to contact foreign authorities in a foreign language. Which is a very long marathon run. Casinos with a license, when fulfilling the licensing requirements, must guarantee sufficient funds to be able to pay out your winnings. This is why you needn’t worry that you’ll never see your large winnings.

Support when resolving problems

Once in a while, even in the best casinos, a situation occurs which must be resolved with the casino directly. In a non-licensed casino, this can be a problem. Willingness to resolve issues and to reimburse the player’s damages even those caused by an error in their system isn’t always present. After all, why should it. In licensed casinos, support is often a lot better. Contacts are not hidden in unnecessary subpages and the Call center or helpline is available during most times and the people working there are ready and able to help at any time.

All online casinos with blackjack that our website informs about, of course, have a license and are tested by us and a number of other players. You don't need to be afraid of any problems and may start playing without worries.